Arts Management Workshop

Posted on Sep 17, 2016


Arts Management Workshop

Harare, July 18th 2016


In July 2016 Almasi presented an arts management workshop at Alliance Francaise, Harare. Facilitated by Adam Immerwahr the workshop had the participation of 12 professionals from arts organisations, community groups and training institutions. Over the course of the workshop, the group worked on strategic planning and fundraising strategies. They gained a better understanding on how organizational structure and resources are crucial to the planning process, as well as effective ways of fundraising for an organisation.Through Facilitator led sessions, the group made a sample current assessment of the Zimbabwean dramatic arts sector, discussed what an ideal Zimbabwean dramatic arts sector entailed and then discussed strategies on how to get there. They also assessed what sources of funding are there in Zimbabwe.

Among the group’s activities were: practicing “the ask” for funds with each other and the facilitator; working on goals, objectives, action plans and evaluation for their individual organizations; discussing vision, mission, and values statements; SWOT analysis for their organizations; discussing resource analysis; and discussing the Telling-Selling-Consult-Join system.


‘Amazing educational opportunity/training program. Would not mind having a two-week full time workshop.’

‘Almasi you are doing a great job. I enjoyed the training. It was very informative,learnt so much and as a director I’m going to implement what I learnt and will improve much in my Organisation.’

‘Wonderful training that I found practical. Adam presented the concepts in a very accessible and easy manner! This training made me critically look at our organisation and also other aspects of life.’

‘These kinds of workshops are exactly what we need in the arts community of Zimbabwe. It is a way of helping us in the long journey to professionalizing the industry. More of such would be a great benefit to the community and thus Zimbabwe.’


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